“In my life, right now a really hard thing is dealing with racism and the country as a whole. I’m a Roma Gypsy – that’s my nationality. All our lives me and my people have been accused of being thieves, and everything else you can think of in the book. But what people don’t realize is that there’s good tribes and there’s bad tribes – just like there is with all groups of people. And I have a hard time with people who have no empathy for others.

I’d love to bring my people from other countries to here. We’re entertainers, we’re dancers, we’re musicians… But they call us ‘others’ here. That’s just an ongoing thing here in America. It’s called the ‘Land of the Free,’ but there’s still a lot of racism and prejudice that goes on in that land. I’ve dealt with it all my life.Yeah, I was a bad guy in the past who made bad choices, but you know what I did? I learned from it all.

And another thing that people say is that this town is safe, but it’s NOT safe. It’s crooked. It’s not as good as they say it is. Hatred is a worldwide thing, is what it is. You say what kind of race you are, and people will hold that against you. But I’m trying to get over that and see the world as it is. That’s what keeps me strong, and knowing that God is up there and that He’s keeping track of the good and the bad that people do.16997263_415728308761996_1722114736_n-2


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