16754063_408786462789514_1449230773_n“I’ll be honest, I’ve had to deal with a couple of the worst parents since I was five years old. My parents hate each other, so I’ve always had to be the the buffer between the two of them. For thirteen years I’ve been the one to mediate between them whenever they fought or argued, because they couldn’t settle on an agreement on their own; they’d refuse to talk to each other.

Whenever I talk about this people will ask me, ‘How do you do it?’ And I will tell them that I can’t image my life without it, because I grew up having to do that, and I don’t know how to approach such an issue any differently.

My sister was born six months before they divorced, so she never knew what it’s like to have both parents in your life. She’s the kind of kid who wants her parents to be together, and she gets mad at me sometimes for having known what that was like. But nowadays she’ll call me and ask me how to properly mediate, because the responsibility has kind of passed on to her now that I’m in college. She will call me, and my mom will call me, and my dad will call me, so it gets really overwhelming and pretty much feels like it’ll never end. But I think it’s okay. I mean, I love my family no matter what; it’s just something that I have to do. And I’ve gotten good at it over the years.”


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