16521750_405149996486494_2005961711_nI was at OSU while my parents were in a country where war started, so it was hard to concentrate on classes while at the same time worrying about them. You don’t know if you’ll get a phone call telling you whether or not they’re even alive while sitting in class, which makes it really hard to focus on studying when you’re constantly wondering where they are and what they’re doing.

I feel like everyone in this life has their own problems, but no one knows about them because people don’t really share what they’re going through. I’ll bet you have something going on in your life that no one knows about – I think that’s just the way life goes. Sometimes I’d look around and think to myself, ‘these people come from wealthy countries or backgrounds that are well off,’ but when I started talking to friends, I realized as soon as they began speaking that everyone DOES have something, which makes me realize when I look at people now that no one is free from trouble.

I always say it – every person has something going on in their life. Even if it’s something small, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a real struggle for someone. Still, sometimes my sister complains to me about upcoming exams and talks about how nervous and stressed she feels, and then I’ll ask her, “Okay, have you seen the news?” And that usually calms her down.

As for my problems, I’ll actually just try to laugh them off. I personally don’t like complaining or giving off a negative environment, so I’ll crack jokes about them now and again instead.”


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