I’ve struggled with some mental illnesses in my life… Depression, anorexia. I was just recently diagnosed with anorexia, and it’s been really hard for me and my family, and my boyfriend has been encouraging me to eat more. That can be pretty hard, because I’ll ask myself whether I should be eating more, or as much as what’s recommended to me.

Some people have been accusing me of doing this for attention – even though that’s not the case at all – so it’s hard to not let people get to me, you know?

I’m very concerned with my weight and appearance. I’m always kind of concerned about what I look like… Sometimes I’ll just go to the bathroom to check and make sure I look okay. Then there are times when I’m at school and I’ll ask my dad to come pick me up when I think I don’t look okay. Or, if I’m discontent about the clothes I’m wearing, I’ll start to feel really self-conscious and want to hide from everyone. Of course, I don’t want to use that as an excuse to avoid school.

My boyfriend’s really been helping me through all of this. My sister also has some mental illnesses, so we both kind of ‘bond’ and help each other through our struggles, which is good.”



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