Small Beginnings

If there’s one way to really push yourself into becoming more integrated in your community, it’s taking the time to interview at least one person you encounter locally per week, presenting them with the chance to have some short essentials of their life stories heard.

This idea was brought to me by my lively and adventurous friend, Abby. A fellow resident of Corvallis, she believed it would be a fun project for us if we could emulate the “Humans of New York” series/blog by going along the same route as its creator – interviewing strangers from off the streets, asking for their pictures, and uploading both these and quotes taken from the stories they shared to a social media site, allowing them to be momentarily glimpsed at by however many curious Internet-browsing “informnavores.”

These informnavores, if there is a target audience we have in mind, would most likely be other Corvallis residents. At least, I believe an objective of this blog would be to reach out first and foremost to the inhabitants of our community.

I’m very much drawn to and excited by the prospect of really going through with this project for a few reasons, such as:

  • Exploring and making known the diversity of the lives of people living in Corvallis
  • Gaining a newer, more refined and appreciative lens through which to look at the city
  • Connecting to people on a much deeper level
  • Regularly acknowledging and being faced with the reality that the people we all pass by in our cities, towns and neighborhoods are not mere faces in the crowd without identities or voices, but living, breathing human beings with real personalities and their own unique imprints on the world.

It is my goal, not only to experience these things for myself, but to have readers experience them as well. It is an opportunity for them to step outside of themselves to look closely yet briefly into the lives of others, who may or may not have trodden the same streets, dined at the same restaurants, studied at the same coffee shops, etc., as them.


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